Smart Apps > Commercial Vacuum and Mop Cleaning Robot System

Smart Apps > Commercial Vacuum and Mop Cleaning Robot System

Introducing the VYROX Commercial Vacuum & Mop Cleaning Robot System, a game-changer in automated cleaning technology. With up to 90% reduction in cleaning manpower, it's ideal for AGVs and various robots. Powered by advanced SLAM 3.0 tech, it offers precise localization, obstacle avoidance, and dynamic path planning. Compatible with multiple sensors, it seamlessly integrates into different robotic setups, boosting operational efficiency and safety. From homes to large commercial areas, it delivers thorough cleaning autonomously, freeing up human resources for other tasks.

Vyrox Commercial Vacuum Mop Cleaning Robot

Battery capacity: 25Ah / 38.4V (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Water tank capacity: 15L
Cleaning speed: 0.1-0.5 m/s
Minimum width: 900mm
Charging time: approximately 6 hours
Endurance time: 9 hours
Cleaning path: "bow" shaped wall-following
Operation mode: customizable
Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate
Lifespan: 6-10 hours
Dimensions: 670(L) x 490(W) x 600(H) mm
Details reflect the essence of lithium iron phosphate, professional quality

Features List
High-precision localization
Robust obstacle avoidance
Dynamic path planning
Seamless integration with various robotic systems
Support for multiple sensors (LiDAR, cameras, IMUs)
Reliable performance in complex and dynamic environments
Comprehensive tools for real-time monitoring and management
Ideal for industrial automation
Suitable for warehouse management
Applicable in service robotics

Application Area List
Commercial Offices
Hospitality Industry
Healthcare Facilities
Educational Institutions
Retail Spaces
Airports and Transportation Hubs
Fitness Centers and Gyms
Industrial Facilities
Event Venues
Government Buildings
Senior Living Facilities

Demo Videos

Disclaimer: Our software undergoes continuous updates, ensuring its ongoing improvement. Consequently, the information presented here may not always mirror the latest features. For the most up-to-date features list and customization requests, we respectfully invite you to reach out to us directly.

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Commercial Vacuum and Mop Cleaning Robots
Airplane VYROX patroling in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2020!
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Helicopter VYROX flying in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2020!
Cloud VYROX floating on the sky
Cloud VYROX floating on the sky

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Easily register visitors by snapping or uploading a photo through our app. Our advanced AI face recognition technology ensures smooth access, regardless of whether they're wearing a mask.


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With our innovative app, you can summon lifts with a simple tap or scan a QR code provided by the host or invitee, providing instant access to your desired floor. Designed for residents, tenants, and visitors alike, our solution redefines convenience and efficiency in building navigation.


Controlled via a user-friendly app, it manages access for employees and visitors to boom gate barriers, doors, and gates. Utilizing virtual access cards and dynamic QR codes as keys, users can grant and revoke access instantly. Flexible and secure, it offers effortless management for modern access needs.


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With our app, operational staff, security officers, or guards can make calls to owners or tenants without displaying their mobile numbers on the screen. This enhancement ensures privacy is maintained, protecting sensitive contact details from exposure to unauthorized individuals.


Charging your electric vehicle with our app is as simple as tap, charge, and go. Just pay a deposit, select your parking spot and charger type, then start charging with a tap on your phone. When you're finished, billing stops automatically. It's hassle-free charging, made easy.


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Ensure rent security with our smart door lock system. Unpaid tenants lose access until payment. Owners control access, set pin codes, and issue new ones upon payment.

AIoT Engineering Consulting Services

ISO 9001:2015
CIDB Grade G7

Our MSC Status-certified company boasts a dynamic team of software engineers, tech specialists, MBA-qualified analysts, and AIoT PhD researchers. With CIDB G7 and ISO 9001 certifications, we offer AIoT engineering consulting services to prestigious clients such as SP Setia, Gamuda, Kerjaya Prospek, i-City, SPB, St. Regis, TM, and more.


I highly recommend this system for its seamless integration of AI and IoT technologies, which significantly enhances security by minimizing human error and optimizing manpower. Its exceptional visitor management system excels during peak hours, ensuring smooth operations and leaving a positive impression on guests. With its advanced monitoring capabilities and real-time alerts, the software package has become indispensable for streamlining operations and elevating security measures.
Testimonial 1
Khairul RazakStrata Building Manager
As a property manager, I enthusiastically recommend this AI and IoT-driven platform for its efficiency in managing interactions between owners and tenants, especially through its streamlined contractor service permits and document approval process. The QR code access control for entrances and the comprehensive security monitoring, including virtual access cards, have significantly enhanced security and operational convenience. This system has not only simplified tasks for our security staff but also improved the overall safety and satisfaction of our tenants, making it an indispensable tool in property management.
Testimonial 1
Chua Kam SengProperty Manager
As a sports club manager, I highly recommend this platform for its transformative impact on our operations. Its online booking engine, which allows for real-time bookings and payments, has greatly enhanced customer convenience and staff efficiency. The integrated lighting control system curtails unauthorized usage by activating lights only for confirmed bookings, ensuring fair play and saving energy. The mobile QR code scanning for check-ins further simplifies the process, while comprehensive sales reports provide invaluable insights. This platform has streamlined our entire workflow, from bookings to billing, making it an essential tool for any sports club looking to improve service and operational efficiency.
Testimonial 1
Wong Han KhongSports Club Manager

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