• Patrick Au Project Director of VYROX - Cities 4.0 Conference Speaker, Huawei Malaysia Smart Home Consultant, University of Malaya (UM) IoT Research Partner, TM R&D Cyberjaya Research Partner, Digi Kensho Speaker, Smart Home Consultant for projects of i-City Group, Mitraland Group, Kerjaya Prospek Group, Selangor Properties Berhad etc. MDEC MSC IoT Partner and Inventor of IoT for Sports Management.
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  • Mitraland Gravit8 - custom smarthome solution, 3D AR floor plan, comfort control, av control, ip camera
  • Mitraland Vina - custom smarthome solution, door lock control, app voice control, 3D floor plan
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  • VYROX was ranked No. 1 in Malaysia by the number of IoT Devices Installed
  • Smart Technology Information Exchange and Sharing at Taiwan
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VYROX systems based on IoT and AI, ready for 5G
Cloud Iot and AI systems for your property projects!
VYROX products are Interoperable, Scalable and Affordable
VYROX people are capable in 5S project management, system engineering design and consultation (CIDB), software customization (MSC)
VYROX's staffs is superman and able to do anythings
VYROX is experienced with proven record, such as i-City, Gravit 8 and Straits Residence Penang
Straits Residences Seri Tanjung Pinang, i-City No.1 Technology City Selangor Golden Triangle, Gravit 8

Our Solutions

IoT-based Operation Management

IoT Smart Home

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3D Custom Floorplan
Ultimate Smart System with 3D Custom Floorplan provided
Voice Control
Smart Home integrate with Voice Control
Comfortable control
Comfort (Lighting, Air-cond, Auto-Curtain and Auto-Gate)
Quick and easy to control
Convenience (Home Automation)
Worry-free security system
Security (Home alarm with sensors and digital smart doorlocks)
Feel safe with realtime video capture and motion detected notification
Surveillance (Smart Camera)
Powerful smart speakers for your daily entertaimment
Entertainment with Smart Speakers
Coolest social communication video intercom system
Social and Communication with video intercom feature of
Alexa Amazon Echo and TMall Genie CC.
Realtime connection no matter where you are!
Real-time connectivity from anytime, anywhere with APP

Smart Condominium

Comprehensive Visitor Management with APP (HOMESERVA)
Simple system useful features to manage visitors
Video Intercom with wall panels, and APP
Latest audio and video intercom products for your houses
Access Control / Lift Control (TRIGONIC)
Provide safer community and increase security level
One touch to get help immediately from securities
Condominium SOS (Panic Button)
Arrange a visit parking for your friends
Guest Parking Management
Audio intercom system for better privacy
Voice Intercom
Use APP to book for GYM, tennis court, badminton court, swimming pool, spa room, halls, BBQ area and more.
Facility Booking
Submit complaint of property issues
Tenant Complaint/reporting

Smart Club House

Booking Engine and Membership System (SPORTSERVA)
Smart Club House Sportclub King System to manage your businesses
Lighting Control (AUTOSERVA)
Automated lighting control system for your businesses


Autoserva MSC Technology Malaysia with DAC Dubai International ISO BAS

AUTOSERVA™ is an automation control & monitoring management Solution developed by VYROX. It aims to gives instant, fast and simple-to-use management experience. It makes electrical and electronic signal control & monitoring completely done on web interface by accessing an IP address without installation of any dedicated software. Software integration can be done easily using AUTO-API. AUTO-API is designed based on JSON over HTTP/HTTPS, it allows simple integration between software applications.

Originally, AUTO-API is only for internal use for new function developments. Now, it has been opened for third-party integration upon request. AUTOSERVA™'s control-panel interface design is using CSS3 technology. It is separated with application functions, so it can be customized easily without affecting any program function.

Over the years, VYROX has developed variety of software modules to enhance AUTOSERVA™. For the input part, we have timer activated, digital/analog sensor activated, Physical switch activated, virtual button activated and voice activated. For processing part, we have booking/reservation, scheduling, billing, membership management, marketing management, information broadcast, reporting engine, video intercom (via WebRTC). For output part, we have electrical control (lighting/dimming/home appliances/temperature), access control and audio-video device control (via infrared learning & emission). AUTOSERVA™ is a framework which can be implement on different businesses by mixing & matching the modules and functions. The sucessful examples are IoT smart homes, IoT smart offices, IoT smart buildings and automated sports clubs.

Benefits of using AUTOSERVA ™

Video Intercom Technology

VYROX is also an expert in IP video intercom systems. We provide backbone-network engineering design and system installation. The system is scalable from one individual housing to 7000 households condominium apartment projects. The system has already being implemented in Kuala Lumpur 5-star Hotel and the most luxury condominium project in Malaysia.

VYROX video intercom system is not only for making video calls but it also has the functions like Internet-of-Things (IoT) smart home control, alarm security, access control and CCTV surveillance.

VYROX slogan emphasize that, IoT smart home and video intercom technology is for everyone, it should not be expensive. Contact us now to know more about IoT smart home and how to implement it cost-effectively.

Our Valued Clients

Valued Client - Kerjaya Prospek Bloomsvale
Valued Client - AIRA Residence
AIRA Residence
Valued Client - Straits Residence
Straits Residence
Valued Client - Gravit 8
Gravit 8 - Mitraland
Valued Client - Souvereign Bay
Souvereign Bay
Valued Client - S P Setia Berhad - Logo
S P Setia Berhad
Valued Client - Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad - Logo
Kerjaya Prospek
Valued Client - i-Berhad - Logo
Valued Client - Mitraland - Logo
Valued Client - MIGHT - Logo
Valued Client - Putrajaya Holdings - Logo
Putrajaya Holdings
Valued Client - SPK Berhad - Logo
SPK Berhad
Valued Client - St. Regis - Logo
St. Regis
Valued Client - Gamuda Land - Logo
Gamuda Land
Valued Client - CapitalLand Limited - Logo
CapitalLand Limited
Valued Client - Sime Darby Property Berhad - Logo
Sime Darby Property Berhad
Valued Client - Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad - Logo
Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad
Valued Client - OldTown Berhad - Logo
OldTown Berhad
Valued Client - Melawati Mall - Logo
Melawati Mall
Valued Client - Telekom Malaysia Berhad TM Research & Development - Logo
Telekom Malaysia Berhad TM Research & Development
Valued Client - d'Tempat Country Club - Logo
d'Tempat Country Club
Valued Client - Golden City Properties - Logo
Golden City Properties
Valued Client - JescoBina (M) Sdn Bhd - Logo
JescoBina (M) Sdn Bhd
Valued Client - Awangsa Bina Sdn Bhd - Logo
Awangsa Bina Sdn Bhd
Valued Client - The Secret Garden TSG 1895 - Logo
The Secret Garden TSG 1895
Valued Client - KSL Sports Malaysia - Logo
KSL Sports Malaysia
Valued Client - Country Club Diamond City - Logo
Country Club Diamond City
Valued Client - Ambang Botanic - Logo
Ambang Botanic
Valued Client - NPG Agency - Logo
NPG Agency
VYROX Peter taking photo with Tan Sri Noh Bin Omar - The Minister of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government

VYROX has successfully performed Malaysia 1st and No. 1 Voice Control Internet-of-Things (IoT) smart home system demonstration to TAN SRI NOH BIN OMAR (Menteri Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan dan kerajaan Tempatan).

The demo shows how the voice recognition technology being implemented into IoT smart home system to bring us a new level of convenience and security. Use your voice to do lighting control, climate control, Audio/Video control, music and more.

VYROX is the best IoT smart home system provider in Malaysia and top 10 IoT smart home system integration company in South-East Asia. We serve both B2B commercial development projects (condominium apartment projects) and B2C individual projects (link houses, condominium apartments, bungalows, etc).

We are the expert in all intelligent IoT smart home control and monitoring solutions (wired & wireless). About wired systems, we are familiar with system design and installation of KNX, Crestron, VHOME, AUTOSERVA, C-Bus, etc. For wireless systems, we familiar with ZigBee and Z-Wave.

VYROX VHOME & AUTOSERVA IoT smart home system gives you convenience and upgrade your safety and security. The system helps in energy saving with instant control and live monitoring features. The technology has obtained MSC Status Malaysia.

VYROX IoT Smart Home Malaysia has in-house R&D team to customize, improve, upgrade the systems from time to time. The latest result of R&D is voice command IoT smart home system. You are welcome to visit our showroom to experience it, feel free to call 019-6883338 to make an appointment now.


Thank You
Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bangah
(Founder and CEO of MOL AccessPortal Berhad, CEO of Friendster).
We want to say a big thank you for
your continued support. You are
our mentor and our idol.
VYROX Patrick taking photo with Mr. Ganesh today!


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