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ELV system

ISO 9001:2015 ISO BAS 9001 ISO DAC VYROX is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We expert in ELV System & Integration. We implement new technology into design, so you get the most up-to-date, more powerful and the most adequate solution at lower price point.

ELV System stands for Extra Low Voltage System. New ELV technologies being invented every day. In construction and development projects, ELV System is parked under the scope of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (M&E). It covers all systems in residential and commercial buildings which operate on extra low voltages (<50V AC and <120V DC).

Nowadays, the standard ELV Systems in a most basic design are Apartment Intercom, CCTV, Central Monitoring Security (CMS), Fire Alarm, Fire Intercom, Telephone, SMATV, Door Access, Lift Access, Lift Control, Boomgate Vehicle Access, Tour Guard Patrol. The trending ELV Systems are Smart Home Automation and Video Intercom.

The most used ELV Systems for commercial buildings like corporate offices, factories and shopping malls are Building Management (BMS), Public Address Broadcasting (PA), Parking Management, etc.

Recently, many hotels, hospitals and university colleges adapted eco-green concepts by implementing systems like Smart Home Automation (AUTOSERVA™), Building Automation (BAS), Energy Management (EMS), Hotel Room Control Unit (RCU) and Rain-Harvesting in order to achieve compliance of Green Building Index (GBI).

ICT Infrastructure

VYROX Engineers are experienced. We design optimum network structure with reduced cabling and minimized maintenance for you to save more.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure is defined as the networks set up for variety of computer systems to transport data and exchange information. ICT Infrastructure is very important as it has a strong link between reliability and stability of ELV System.

The performance and efficiency of a network is directly proportional to the selection of networking hardware and quality of cabling engineering. In other words, it is highly dependent on the network design, cabling methods, termination techniques and installation practices.

Structured Cabling services should be incorporated with organized labelling, certifications, testing and commissioning according to the international codes and standards like ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA-568.

At present, many buildings are using Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) as backbone for their network and distribute it with Local Area Network (LAN) and In-Building Wi-Fi Hotspot. Some buildings use Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) for their systems to simplify the cabling works and reduce the number of networking devices needed.

IT Services

VYROX provides professional structured, systematic, organized and policies directed Information Technology (IT) Services and technical supports.

We help businesses to reduce the complexity in preserving and archiving their database and all busienss transaction documents. We use cost-effective hardware, software and cloud services for synchronization, backup and restore processes.

VYROX Engineer posses Microsoft Security-Related Certifications and also CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certifications in Security, Routing & Switching. We design, supply and install structured networking solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPN), local servers, datacenters, etc. We leverage the bandwidth and security for optimum speed.

The datacenter/server room's lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) can be monitor conveniently using AUTOSERVA™' technology via any browser and smart devices.

Billing & Management

VYROX has strong research and development (R&D) capability in billing software and management systems.

We develop and deploy HTML5 and PHP web-based management software and smartphone applications (iOS and Android APP). Our strength is to integrate those software with automation hardware to realize control, monitoring and business automation.

Our billing software and management system has been installed and implemented in many of the sport centers and clubhouses around the world. The software has been proved to significantly reduce operation costs and increases the manageability.

One of the remarkable projects is named DTempat Club House which is located at Sendayan, Seremban. It is a professional sport club which has plenty of world class facilities like Olympic size swimming pool, sauna, gym, snooker, badminton, tennis, etc.

Our systems managing their lighting, digital signage, access, facility bookings, customer/member database, subscriptions & billings, business files and etc using AUTOSERVA™ technology. All of the data safely storing in a physical redundant local server powered by IBM. The entire building covering by intelligently manageable Wi-Fi and the data transactions are protected by hardware firewall for best security and speed.

The software system can be applied on property management and condominium apartment management too. It reduces cost of management, increases the payment rates by providing online/in-app payment methods using credit cards or e-banking services. Also, it brings closer the relationship between management body and residents/tenants.

VYROX Technology

Benefits of using AUTOSERVA™
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AUTOSERVA™ is an automation control & monitoring management Solution developed by VYROX. It aims to gives instant, fast and simple-to-use management experience. It makes electrical and electronic signal control & monitoring completely done on web interface by accessing an IP address without installation of any dedicated software. Software integration can be done easily using AUTO-API. AUTO-API is designed based on JSON over HTTP/HTTPS, it allows simple integration between software applications.

Originally, AUTO-API is only for internal use for new function developments. Now, it has been opened for third-party integration upon request. AUTOSERVA™'s control-panel interface design is using CSS3 technology. It is separated with application functions, so it can be customized easily without affecting any program function.

Over the years, VYROX has developed variety of software modules to enhance AUTOSERVA™. For the input part, we have timer activated, digital/analog sensor activated, Physical switch activated, virtual button activated and voice activated. For processing part, we have booking/reservation, scheduling, billing, membership management, marketing management, information broadcast, reporting engine, video intercom (via WebRTC). For output part, we have electrical control (lighting/dimming/home appliances/temperature), access control and audio-video device control (via infrared learning & emission). AUTOSERVA™ is a framework which can be implement on different businesses by mixing & matching the modules and functions. The sucessful examples are smart homes, smart offices, smart buildings and automated sports clubs.

  • Automation
  • Web-based
  • Cloud ready
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Monitor & control
  • No software installation needed
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Easy integration with third-party software
  • Cross-platform compatible (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux)
MSC Malaysia certified company VYROX International Sdn Bhd

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